Check and Maintenance Air Cleaner


Check and Maintenance Air Cleaner

Dirty air cleaner element will compromises air intake to decrease engine power and performance. Disassemble air cleaner housing to inspect air cleaner, clean dirty element or change new element if needed, and check oil level in case of oil bath air cleaner.

It is suggested to clean air cleaner every 50 hours operations and change new foam element or paper element inside air cleaner every 100 hours or 6 months operations.

1. Clean paper element
Hold paper element to knock gently on a flat surface for several times to remove dust dirties, then use compressed air with pressure less than 207Kpa to blow element from inside. If element is too dirty to clean or broken, it is a must to change new element.

2. Clean foam element
Rinse foam element in hot water with detergent, or non-flammable or high flash point solvents. After rinsed element is well dried, immerse it into clean engine oil, rub well and squeeze out excessive oil.

3. Clean oil bath air cleaner
Air cleaner oil needs changing when getting dirty. Pour out oil from air cleaner, use non-flammable or high flash point solvent to wash dirty deposits inside air cleaner, then dry cleaner case and fill in the same engine oil as used for the engine crankcase to oil level mark.