Engine Oil Check


Stop engine and put the unit on a level place for a while and then check oil.

Loosen oil cap / oil dipstick and take it out, wipe the dip stick clean.

Put oil dipstick back into oil filling hole but not to tighten it, and then take it out to check whether oil level indication is between minimum and maximum marks. If oil level is below minimum mark, the add some specified oil to a proper amount.

Put dipstick back and tighten it well.

Change Engine Oil

In order to get perfect engine operation, it is suggested to change engine oil after the 1st 25 hours operations or the1st month of operations, and then change engine oil every 50 hours or 3 months operations.

Start your engine and let it warm up for 2-3 minutes, and then turn engine switch to “OFF”position to  stop the engine.

Warning:  Make sure the spark plug and ignition coil cord is disconnected well to prevent accidental engine starting. Clean area surrounding oil hole and oil dipstick to avoid dirties or dusts get into crankcase .

Place an oil tray beneath the engine.

Loosen and remove the oil drain plug to drain oil

Pull the recoil rope several times to help getting residual oil flow out.

Place oil drain plug back into position and tighten it well.

Engine with oil filter

In case of engines with oil filter, it is suggested to change oil filter once every three months at least.

Use oil filter wrench or pipe wrench to turn oil filter cylinder counter clockwise to remove oil filter.

Check whether there is metal scraps, dirties on surface of oil filter flange and clean well if found any.

Put some clean engine oil for wetting filter washer. 

Mount new oil filter, use hand to tighten the filter to make filter washer in close contact to filter flange, and then turn 1/2 to 3/4 circles to fasten the oil filter.

Recommended Engine Oil to use

 In order to get perfect engine operation, it is suggested to use quality engine oil such as SAE 10W-30, or you may choose engine oils of viscosity according to Oil Viscosity Chart and temperature in your area.