• Check and Maintenance Air Cleaner

    Note: Dirty air cleaner element will compromises air intake to decrease engine power and performance. Disassemble air cleaner housing to inspect air cleaner, clean dirty element or change new element if needed, and check oil level in case of oil bath air cleaner.

    date: 2018-01-03
  • Check and Change Spark Plug

    Note: It is suggested to change spark plug every 100 hours or 6 months engine operations. Change a new quality spark plug will brings following benefits: maintaining continuous sparks, more reliable engine starting, saving more fuel. It is rather important to select proper spark plug for your engine.

    date: 2018-01-03
  • Engine Oil Check

    Note: Stop engine and put the unit on a level place for a while and then check oil.

    date: 2017-11-25