Check and Change Spark Plug


It is suggested to change spark plug every 100 hours or 6 months engine operations. Change a new quality spark plug will brings following benefits: maintaining continuous sparks, more reliable engine starting, saving more fuel. It is rather important to select proper spark plug for your engine. 

Remove spark plug cap from spark plug and clean dirties if any. 

Use spark plug socket spanner to remove spark plug.

Use iron needle to remove carbon deposits on spark plug electrodes and clean other dirties with iron brush.

Check whether there is any corrosion on electrodes, and change new spark plug if electrode corrosion found.

Check clearance between two electrodes with thick gauge, and adjust the clearance to 0.7-0.8mm.

Check whether seal gasket on spark plug is still good, if the gasket is deformed or broken, then change a new spark plug.

Check sparks are good enough: Pull recoil start see colors of sparks. Good sparks are blue and white colored.

In order to avoid damaging spark plug thread, when trying to tighten spark plug, always turn spark plug to position by hand and then tighten it with spark plug socket spanner.